Monday, March 18, 2013

Like the Hazardous Tales? Check out Rapunzel's Revenge!

Hazardous Tales readers may know Nathan Hale (the illustrator--not the spy) from the fairy tale graphic novels Rapunzel's Revenge and Calamity Jack (he illustrated them.)

If you don't, you should check them out. They are super fun. The books take place in a version of the Old West that is filled with fairy tale magic. They aren't even slightly historically accurate--the Correction Baby would completely flip out!

A little while back, the publisher considered doing a new reprint of Rapunzel's Revenge--smaller in size, with a new cover. We ended up skipping the new cover, but the book will be out soon in a smaller size. Not as small as the Hazardous Tales books, but quite a bit smaller than the big books that came out years ago.

This means two things: A) You need to track down these adorable new sizes, your shelf will be empty without them! (Both Calamity Jack and Rapunzel will be out in new sizes.)

and B) Time to start hoarding those old, large-sized editions. If you can find them--especially the hardcovers--grab them and put them in your air-tight vault! Because they will soon be rare!

The books will use the old covers. But just for kicks, here's a sketch I did for an alternate Rapunzel cover.