Monday, December 17, 2012

The Third Hazardous Tales Book was Finished Today!

Earlier today I turned in the final artwork for Hazardous Tales #3! The final 72 hours were pretty spectacular and will certainly go down in my personal record book. I had an honest-to-goodness 8 page day yesterday. EIGHT PAGES! I had enough caffeine in my system to power a small aircraft.

Last summer, during the London Olympics, Amazon put the Chariots of Fire soundtrack up as a 99 cent download. I bought it for a laugh--you know, you put it on then run through the room in slow-motion--it's a classic joke. Anyway, I ended up listening to it a bunch. It was playing when I finished the bible project this fall. It was great! Today, as I was wrapping the final page of Hazardous Tales #3, I played it again. I know, it sounds pretty goofy, but that music really locks in on the feeling of finishing a monumental task. It has been moved from my "Novelty" playlist to my "Special Occasions" playlist. Fantastic stuff.

I've heard rumors that it is now Christmas time. I'm going upstairs--possibly even outdoors to investigate. I hope there's cookies and egg nog up there.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Hazardous Tales book 3 Deadline Crunch!

I hope you've been enjoying the weekly posts here on the Hazardous Tales blog. I've certainly enjoyed posting them. You've probably noticed that there haven't been any new posts since Thanksgiving. The reason for this is the Hazardous Tales Book #3 CRUNCH.

I'm wrapping up the third book this month. It's a lot of pages, a lot of drawing, a lot of writing and rewriting--crunchtime! But, boy, oh boy, am I excited for this one. It's going to be really good. I can't wait to unveil it soon. I'll be able to spill the beans on the subject matter around the time the Abrams catalog for Fall 2013 comes out.

So stay tuned! We'll be back with weekly posts starting in January. I'll finish the three-month sales meeting story (although by then it'll be closer to a six month sales meeting) and get back into some more great bite-sized historical comics!

In the mean time, happy holidays! Do you know what fits remarkably well into a Christmas stocking? Hazardous Tales!