Monday, December 17, 2012

The Third Hazardous Tales Book was Finished Today!

Earlier today I turned in the final artwork for Hazardous Tales #3! The final 72 hours were pretty spectacular and will certainly go down in my personal record book. I had an honest-to-goodness 8 page day yesterday. EIGHT PAGES! I had enough caffeine in my system to power a small aircraft.

Last summer, during the London Olympics, Amazon put the Chariots of Fire soundtrack up as a 99 cent download. I bought it for a laugh--you know, you put it on then run through the room in slow-motion--it's a classic joke. Anyway, I ended up listening to it a bunch. It was playing when I finished the bible project this fall. It was great! Today, as I was wrapping the final page of Hazardous Tales #3, I played it again. I know, it sounds pretty goofy, but that music really locks in on the feeling of finishing a monumental task. It has been moved from my "Novelty" playlist to my "Special Occasions" playlist. Fantastic stuff.

I've heard rumors that it is now Christmas time. I'm going upstairs--possibly even outdoors to investigate. I hope there's cookies and egg nog up there.