Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Blue Streaks of November

We'll wrap up our silly sales meeting starting Monday. But first, I wanted to show you this.

I like to keep careful charts and graphs of big projects I work on. Here's my November wall calendar for Hazardous Tales #3:

Each line represents a finished page. When a line touches the top of a day, that means a page is done. So on the 1st, those are three pages I started and finished in one day. Most other pages get spread out. There's a page on the 21st that doesn't get finished until the 26th. The key is to have some pages finishing each day.

I'm also showing this because it is an UNREAL number of pages for me. This is my all time personal record for completed pages in a month. I want to try and hit 60 before December. I'll keep you posted.