Thursday, August 16, 2012

Uniform Research

Here are some of the books used to research the Provost's uniform. I had to make a second trip to a different library after this. Then I ordered a book online, (Don Troiani's Soldiers of the American Revolution) that one's still coming in the mail.

With the Hangman, I just made stuff up. But I couldn't fabricate stories about the actual British Redcoat uniform. I found myself curious about what each of the elements on the uniform were for. I got lost in the research! That's a fascinating outfit!

On top stands my LEGO re-creation of the Provost. LEGO doesn't make a 1776 Grenadier's cap. They do a nice Tricorn, an Admiral style Bicorn, even a Napoleonic Shako, but I had to make due with the modern Bear-skin Palace Guard hat. That was the closest.